jessie mckenzie

I'm a princess.

I'm eighteen.

And I'm a cosmetologist.


Having a heart. Being human. Being vulnerable. It’s a curse. The worst kind.

I think my heart is going to be ripped out of me before I get the chance to shut it off myself.


my interests range from cute puppy’s to hard core sex


things that are sex shaming -

  • "she’s a sl-t for having all that sex"
  • "girls shouldn’t wear tank tops to school because it is distracting"
  • "that skin tight dress means she’s asking for it"
things that are not sex shaming -
  • "I would prefer to not see a stranger’s butt"
  • "I do not want to hear explicit details about your sex life"
there’s a difference between sex shaming and wanting sexual security

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if you ever want to hear the neon genesis evangelion theme at any time just call 309-889-0497



i just set it up and it seems to be working

if you’re at the club and someone asks for your number just give them this


It is truly comforting


It is truly comforting

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when you see a fine booty in the street but you are with your parents


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